Emails via SpotDraft

Choose between custom text or standard template emails to counterparties, capture responses on the Activity Log and more!

With SpotDraft’s in-app email experience, you can do a lot more than just send contracts across to your counterparty.

Get instant visibility into communications with your counterparty and perform contract actions on emails received on SpotDraft’s Activity Log.

With the freedom to send a standard template email, or a personal custom text email, your communication on SpotDraft is a lot more streamlined.


Here’s a closer look at everything you can do:

  • Choose between Standard Template or Custom Text emails
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You can send personalised custom text emails to your recipients, that are free from any branding and noise.

The ‘sent from’ text will contain your name to build more trust with the recipients, ensuring a high open rate.

  • Add your counterparty and notify other stakeholders
    • (Speak with your CSM to enable this for your workspace)

      The email widget will have two recipient fields:

      To: Accepts only one email ID (your counterparty POC).

      Notify: This is pre-populated by your (the sender's) email, and you can add other recipients in this section.

      Only your counterparty POC will receive an email with the contract link to add relevant information and sign. Other recipients will receive a read-only email with a copy of the contract.
  • Follow email threads on the Activity Log
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Emails that you send via SpotDraft, and replies you receive on them will get added to your Activity Logs.

Ensure that all stakeholders have constant visibility on contract updates, and discuss the next steps with your team within SpotDraft for quick resolutions.

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Copy and use your contract’s email address to receive new emails on your Activity Log.

Simply click on the 3-dot kebab icon next to ‘Send’ and copy the contract email. All emails addressed to this ID will get delivered to your Activity Logs.

  • Take contract actions on email attachments
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You don’t need to download documents received over email and upload them to SpotDraft.

When you receive documents over inbound emails on your Activity Log, click on the attachments and add them directly to SpotDraft as new versions, supporting documents for your contracts, or for comparison.


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Last updated on September 13, 2023