Using Quick Access - Your Shortcut Hub on SpotDraft

Use Quick Access (Cmd/Ctrl+K) keyboard shortcut to reach any action or contract instantly!

What is Quick Access?

Quick Access for contracts is a keyboard shortcut that enables you to navigate across your workspace to perform actions, or retrieve contracts.

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How does Quick Access work?

Simply type “Cmd + K” on your Mac or "Ctrl+K" on Windows and other operating systems anywhere on your SpotDraft workspace to instantly access the following actions with a single click:

Workspace-level actions

Perform workspace-level actions in one-click when you open Quick Access on your repository.

  • Invite new users to your workspace
  • Create new template contracts
  • Send contracts for signatures/review
  • Import executed contracts
  • Access Campaign/Express contracts, and more!
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Summary page actions

When you open a contract and use Quick Access, the following actions can be performed:

  • Add and edit contract tags
  • Compare contract versions
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Share the contract with counterparties
  • Download the latest contract version
  • Change contract type
  • View tasks
  • Edit a contract
  • Mark a contract for execution
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Search for contracts

With the Quick Access widget open anywhere on SpotDraft, simply hit ‘Tab’ on your keyboard and search for contracts using key terms like contract title, counterparty name, business user or tags.

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Last updated on November 30, 2023