AI Due Diligence (SpotDraft AI)

Learn how SpotDraft’s AI Due Diligence utilizes AI to help you analyze bulk contracts to identify and mitigate hidden legal risks, and save time.

What is AI Due Diligence?

SpotDraft’s AI Due Diligence assists you in performing due diligence for multiple contracts in your repository. It facilitates the review of crucial information, identifies potential hidden legal risks, allows you to address them by asking questions in plain English, and ultimately saves valuable time during the contract review process.

How to use AI Due Diligence for your contracts

Here’s how to use AI due diligence for your contracts -

Step 1

From your SpotDraft repository, start by choosing one or more contracts simultaneously by selecting the checkboxes next to their respective names in the left column.

Step 2

Click on the “Contract Diligence” icon from the bar above the counterparty names to perform due diligence for the selected contracts.

Step 3

A grid opens to your right to perform due diligence for the selected contracts.

Add questions from the prompts or create your own questions related to the contracts, such as the agreement's effective date or governing law. Once you've added the questions, click the "Generate Diligence Report" button at the bottom right of the grid.

You can check the status of the due diligence progress from the status bar next to the questions.

Step 4

After scanning the contracts, click on "Finish." The generated report will be sent to your email address. You can easily share this report with your team members for review.

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Last updated on November 29, 2023