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What Are Workflows And How Do They Help?

Workflows in SpotDraft help users follow a step-by-step process to generate a contract or review third-party contracts in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

Workflows are designed to assist legal and business teams by:

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Significantly reducing errors
  • Facilitating seamless collaboration
  • Providing greater transparency and control

Workflow Manager on SpotDraft

Workflow Manager helps you create processes to simplify the generation of new contracts or the review of third-party agreements. It automates all repetitive actions required to create a new contract with a one-time setup.

Template Workflows

Template workflows help you create new contracts by answering questions that generate a contract using a template document in your SpotDraft library.

You can create these workflows in just four simple steps:

  1. Enter basic details to create a new template workflow.
  1. Configure internal parties and counterparties with bespoke questionnaires for each.
  1. Upload a template document that has been prepared using our Microsoft Word Plugin, DraftMate.
  1. Add approvals and route them into your workflow, then publish.

Your new template workflow is live. This workflow automates all the manual work required to create a new contract with a template. Now, Template workflows will handle all the heavy lifting and maintain compliance while you focus on important work.

Third-Party Paperwork Workflows

Upload workflows help you upload third-party contracts using an intuitive intake form. The intake form collects all the necessary information that provides a quick overview of the uploaded contracts, helping your team make key contract decisions.

Here's how you can create an upload workflow in three simple steps:

  1. Enter basic details to create a new upload workflow.
  1. Configure the bespoke intake form for submissions and finish the upload.
  1. Configure approvals, route them into your workflow, and publish.

Upload workflows make third-party contract collections a breeze. Additionally, due to this automation, your legal team will be able to process the contracts quickly and proceed for signatures to close the contract.

How Does Each Workflow Function?

We have started with separate workflows under Template and Third-Party Paper Workflows, as contract generation is one of the most resource-intensive tasks in a business's legal operations.

Here's how each workflow operates and helps streamline your legal requirements and operations:

Template Contracts
Generate new contracts using a pre-approved template with this workflow. You will also be able to route approvals for this workflow.
Bulk Contracts
Send out multiple template contracts to all of your counterparties with the Bulk Contract workflow. This workflow allows dynamically changing pre-determined contract language and terms based on the counterparty information.
Express Contracts
Create workflows to generate ready-to-sign contracts that can be shared via public URLs. These contracts are pre-approved and auto-signed by contract owners. Your counterparty can initiate these contracts by simply interacting with a web form.
Third-Party Paper Upload
An upload workflow that collects third-party contracts along with key contract information via an easy-to-use custom intake form. This workflow is useful for collecting specific third-party contracts for internal or external purposes.
Upload and Sign
An upload workflow that helps users submit contracts for collecting signatures. It also includes an intake form to provide context to the reviewers.
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Last updated on August 10, 2023